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Ayurveda Diagnosis

Ayurveda Diagnosis
Ayurveda Diagnosis
Service Code : AD
Since 2004, from Mysore, Karnataka, we are affianced in offering Ayurveda Diagnosis service. In this service, our professionals provide diagnosis with the help of modern methods and techniques. Our professionals are highly experienced in this field to provide utmost clients satisfaction. This service also include healing of body, mind, emotions and spirit of an individual. Also, clients can avail this Ayurveda Diagnosis service from us in stipulated time frame at reasonable prices.

  • Highly effectiveness can be felt after this service
  • No hidden charges are applicable
  • Rendered under the guidance of experience personnel

Ten-fold Ayurvedic Diagnosis (Rogipareeksha)

  1. Constitution (Prakriti).
  2. Doshic Vitiation (Vikriti).
  3. Quality of Tissues (Sara).
  4. Body Compactness (Samhanana).
  5. General Stature and Physical Proportionality (Pramana).
  6. Physical Strength (Vyayama Shakti).
  7. Adaptability (Satmya).
  8. Emotional Balance (Sattva).
  9. Digestive Capacity (Ahara Shakti).
  10. Rate of Aging (Vaya).

Rogapareeksha: Diagnosis of the Disease

  1. Prashna (Interrogation)
  2. Panchendriyapariksha (Physical examination using the five senses)
  3. Ashtavidhapariksha (Specialized "Eight-fold" Ayurvedic examination). Below in table form                                                                                                            Ayurvedic Eight-fold Examination (Rogapariksha)
    1. Examination of the complexion
    2. Examination of the eyes
    3. Examination of the speech and voice
    4. Examination of the tongue
    5. Examination of the skin
    6. Examination of the stool
    7. Examination of the urine
    8. Examination of the pulse